Diabeloop and ViCentra announce European distribution partnership

Diabeloop ​comprehensive and personalized system​ integrates Kaleido patch pump for autonomous type 1 diabetes management



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Paris, le 9 avril 2019 – ​ViCentra, the company behind the Kaleido insulin pump, and Diabeloop are announcing that they are entering into a mutual distribution agreement for selected European countries.

Following successful clinical studies using ViCentra’s Kaleido micro insulin pump, Diabeloop’s DBLG1 obtained CE marking in November 2018. With this distribution agreement the combined DBLG1 System will become commercially available in selected European countries.

The DBLG1 System, also integrating continuous glucose monitor (CGM) Dexcom G6, calculates the amount of insulin required and automatically adjusts delivery of insulin through the Kaleido pump.

“The promising results from the launch of our Kaleido insulin patch pump in the Netherlands has confirmed that we’re filling a gap in the insulin pump market” said Michael Graves, CEO of ViCentra. “Our team has developed a unique and innovative product that addresses a very real need for choice, discretion and simplicity in the insulin pump market. We believe in a future where closed loop systems will become a part in diabetes management and we believe that Kaleido can be an important part of this.”

Erik Huneker, founder and co-CEO of Diabeloop adds “DBLG1 System is a true revolution, decreasing the burden of managing type 1 diabetes while lowering both time spent in hypoglycemia and the risk of complications. Combined with the size, convenience and reliability of the Kaleido pump, it will give back freedom and peace of mind to people living with type 1 diabetes.​”

About Diabeloop SA

●  Creation: 2015, in Grenoble by Erik Huneker and Dr Charpentier. Diabeloop and CEA-Leti work within a joint research laboratory to accelerate product development. The company is co-managed by Marc Julien and Erik Huneker

●  Overall size: 50 people in March 2019

●  Funding: 13,5 million euros first funding round in summer 2017. Second funding round is ongoing

About ViCentra

ViCentra was founded in 2013 with investments from INKEF Capital and Health Innovations. A further investment was made by LSP in 2016.

Based in the Netherlands, ViCentra believes that if healthcare products are simple to understand, beautiful to look at and deliver superb results, they are more enjoyable to use and more likely to help people achieve great things. ViCentra are creating healthcare products with this philosophy firmly in mind. They don’t design for patients – they design for people. ViCentra’s first product is Kaleido, a game-changing insulin delivery system for people living with Type 1 diabetes. More information about ViCentra can be found at www.ViCentra.com.

Press contact Diabeloop:

PRPA: Isabelle Closet – Tel: +33 (0)1 77 35 60 – Mail: ​isabelle.closet@prpa.fr Diabeloop: Stéphanie Jégu – ​stephanie.jegu@diabeloop.fr

Press contact Kaleido:

Nyxeon : Alexandra Sampson – Tel : +44 (0)207 167 2207 – Mail:

ViCentra: Stuart Welland – ​stuart.welland@vicentra.com