Leti Innovation Days: Diabeloop presented how it uses artificial intelligence

In June 2019, the Leti Innovation Days brought together manufacturers and microelectronics researchers to discuss artificial intelligence.



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Artificial intelligence has made it possible to develop dedicated devices such as Diabeloop’s DBLG1 System, born from a medical project on an artificial pancreas and in partnership with CERITD and CEA-Leti.

Co-founder of Diabeloop, Erik Huneker, introduced the journalists to the company first product integrating artificial intelligence.
“This is the first time that a device autonomously pilots and personalizes insulin injections […]. It is a real improvement in the quality of life for patients.” he declared.

Yousra Tourki, Algorithms Manager at Diabeloop, spoke at a workshop on the topic “Medical Devices & Artificial Intelligence”.

Diabeloop also had the opportunity to have a booth where they showcased their innovation and welcomed visitors, notably the mathematician and politician Cédric Villani.